Rupert Neve Designs RNDI-S Stereo Active Transformer Direct Box

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A Stereo DI with Unparalleled Sonics


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Engineers who have been privileged to work on vintage Neve consoles can attest to the vibrant richness and powerful punch that Rupert's electronics impart to your signal. Now there's a stereo direct box that delivers this magic: the Rupert Neve Designs RNDI-S. Sporting fastidiously developed custom transformers and Class A biased, discrete FET amplifiers, the RNDI-S makes your stereo keyboards and guitars, bass — or any instrument with a piezo pickup — sound massive and amazing. If you record music or do live sound, you take signals direct all the time. Might as well invest in a killer direct box: Rupert Neve Designs' RNDI-S.

The Neve of direct boxes

With its high input headroom, you can feed the RNDI-S a pro line-level source without a pad. The RNDI-S also features impressive phase coherence, unrivaled amongst its peers. Trust us — you'll really appreciate this feature when you're blending a mic and a direct signal together! Boasting two TRS inputs with Thru connections for mono sources and a stereo 3.5mm jack for consumer devices, the RNDI-S delivers the full impact and harmonic depth of any DI source. Sweetwater's advice: the Rupert Neve Designs RNDI-S is a must-have. Your gadget bag isn't complete without it.