Novation UltraNova Analog Modelling Synthesizer


The Novation UltraNova is a 37-key synthesizer, designed to provide a wide range of programming and sounds for electronic music production, and performances

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The Novation UltraNova Analog Modelling Synthesizer is a 37-key, monotimbral (1 part) wave table synthesizer, designed to provide a wide range of programming and sounds for electronic music production, and performances. The lightweight and compact UltraNova features a sound engine that is based on the SuperNova II; Novation's coveted work-horse rackmount synth. DJs, producers and musicians are provided with a powerful synth engine and set of controls that include Novation's Touch-Sense controls, for manipulating any parameter the controls are routed to. A built-in vocoder and microphone are also featured.

Brand New Nova-Series Synth Engine Based on Supernova II:

Single part with up to 18 voices, 14 filter types, 36 wavetables, 5 effect slots
Patch Browse enables you to browse 300 sounds by type & genre

Touch-Sense Controls Enable Totally New Sound-Shaping & Performance:

Trigger envelopes/LFOs/filters/FX by just touching the encoders
Large rotary control instantly allows you fine control of any parameter

Totally Gig-Ready with 37 Full Sized Keys, a Vocoder, and Loads of Controls:

Voice optimized 12 band vocoder with gooseneck mic
High quality key bed with aftertouch for expressive playing styles

Software Plug-in Editor and Patch Librarian for Full Visual Editing:

Plug-in editor allows you to view and edit in with software
Software Patch Librarian a organize, store and share unlimited patches

Built-in 2 in 4 out USB Audio Interface and Bus Powered:

UltraNova can be used to stream audio to and from a host computer
Stereo main (analogue & SPDIF) and aux outputs, and MIDI in/out/thru ports


Keyboard 37 Full Sized Keys
Polyphony Up to 18 note polyphony (dynamic voicing)
Multitimbral Mono-Timbral (1 Part)
Synthesis Method Based on Supernova II 
Waveforms include:
• Square, sine, tri, sawtooth, pulse, 9x saw:pulse combinations. 
• 20x digital waveforms
• 36x wavetables
Effects • Distortion - up to 2 instances 
• Compressor - up to 2 instances
• Chorus/Phase - up to 4 instances 
• Delay - up to 2 instances
• Reverb - up to 2 instances 
• Gator
• EQ 
•12 band vocoder
• Arpeggiator - 33 patterns 
• Chord function - lock up to 10 notes
• Patch storage up to 512 on hardware (ships with 300 factory patches)
Controllers • 8x detented touch sensitive encoders 
• 1x large smooth encoder (with back-lit filter lock buttons)
• 1x large patch select/speed dial encoder 
• 2x volume & monitor mix dials
• 39 LED lit/indicated buttons 
• Pitch wheel (LED lit)
• Modulation wheel (LED lit) 
• 37 note keyboard with velocity and aftertouch
Connections • XLR dynamic mic input 
• 2x ¼" jack inputs
• 2x ¼" jack outputs 
• 2x ¼" jack aux outputs
• 1x ¼" jack headphone output 
• SPDIF digital output on RCA connector
• Expression pedal on ¼" jack input 
• Sustain pedal on ¼" jack input
• MIDI in/out/thru 
• 12 volt power input
• USB port (UltraNova can be powered via USB) 
• Kensington Lock port


Packaging Info
Package Weight 13.6 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 28.5 x 14.8 x 6.0"



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