Manley SLAM! Dual Mic Preamp with Limiter


Manley Slam! Tube Stereo Limiter and Mic Preamp is a two-channel microphone preamp with each channel featuring one ELOP and one FET "brickwall" limiters

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The Slam! Tube Stereo Limiter and Mic Preamp from Manley Labs is a two-channel microphone preamp with each channel featuring one electro-optical (ELOP) and one field-effect transistor (FET) "brickwall" limiters. The unit is constructed with professional-grade components, hand-wound nickel transformers and hand-selected tubes. The all-tube Class-A preamp offers +60 dB of gain to microphone and DI signals, while a separate tube path for the limiter offers +20 dB of gain.

Each channel of the Slam! has ELOP and FET limiters available simultaneously or separately. Each adds a distinct character to the sound with the ability to dial in the best of both. The ELOP circuit is before the mic preamp, making it nearly impossible to clip the tube preamp stage. The ELOP's minimalist design has a fixed ratio, attack and release with only a variable control for threshold. Additionally, it offers a side-chain high-pass filter, with the 200 Hz setting optimized for vocals and a touch of de-essing.

The FET circuit is a fast "brickwall" limiter with variable controls over threshold, attack and release. The circuit is capable of a variety of colors from clean to grungy, all the while maintaining "zero overshoot" limiting. With the clip setting selected, the FET allows for severe distortion by speeding up the timing circuit and allowing the limiter to work on the waveform rather than the envelope. Both the ELOP and the FET limiters have side-chain inserts (send & return) available on the rear of the chassis via Bantam (TT) jacks.

The Slam! offers comprehensive monitoring via the VU and LED ladder peak meters. In addition to the source toggle for gain reduction, input and output, the VU meter has a pad toggle which allows you to scale the signal down -6 dB for loud signals. The multi-color LED peak meter has a source toggle offering gain reduction, peak and reset & mode. The momentary reset & mode switch clears out any peak signals and allows for the calibration of the peak LEDs to match the meters of your A/D converters. Three Slams can be linked together offering six channels of limiting for 5.1 surround sound. A separate power supply is used to reduce the detrimental effects of heat and electromagnetic fields (EMF) from influencing the signal path. Hand-made in the USA, the unit is housed in a 2U steel chassis with a CNC-machined 1/4" faceplate that is also inlaid with laser-engraved inserts. The Slam! ships with a separate power supply, 16-pin multi-core connection cable, and IEC power cable.

Mic Preamp Controls
48V power for microphones requiring phantom power
Locking phantom power switch located on rear of chassis
5-way source: Line, DI, Mic, Mic 180, Mic 100 Hz
Mic 180: Phase reverse for microphone preamp
Mic 100 Hz: 100 Hz high-pass filter for microphone preamp
Input: Volume control with +60 dB of gain for Mic/DI, -20 to +20 dB for line input
Output: Final volume control and make up gain
ELOP Limiter
Ratio: 10:1
Fixed attack and release
Continuously variable threshold control
SC HZ: Flat, 100 Hz, and 200 Hz
200 Hz setting optimized for vocals with slight de-essing
FET Limiter
Variable threshold knob for FET Limiter
Attack 3-way toggle: Very fast (VF), fast (F), and medium (M)
Release 11-position dial: 10 ms to 2 seconds
Clip: Release setting to create severe distortion
Stereo Link
Stereo Link: Channel 1 controls both Channel 1 and 2
Dual Mono: Independent control of channel 1 and 2
Both & Ext: Stereo link with independent control of channel 1 and 2 and engages rear-panel link for surround control
Limit Button
Channel 1 Limit: Engages the opto-limiter, FET Limiter and output level knob for channel 1 
Channel 2 Limit: Engages the opto-limiter, FET Limiter and output level knob for channel 2
LED Meter
GR: Sets LED meter to monitor gain reduction
Peak: Sets LED meter to monitor peak output
Mode & Reset: Momentary switch used to clear peaks from the peak meter and used to set up and calibrate the LED meters section
VU Meter Toggles
VU 3-way toggle: Sets source to GR (gain reduction), O/P (output level), I/P (input level)settings
VU Attenuate: Pads VU meter for loud signals with 0, -3, and -6 dB settings
Additional Features
Auto mute warm-up delay: 30 seconds
Hand-wound Manley iron input transformers
Silent conductive plastic input attenuator
Separate power supply


Number of Channels 2
Input / Output Input
2 x Balanced transformer coupled XLR/1/4" Combo Neutrik: 2 kΩ
2 x Unbalanced 1/4" instrument input: 100 kΩ, 10 MΩ
2 x Balanced transformer coupled XLR: 200 Ω
2 x Unbalanced 1/4" TRS 
Side Chain / Link
2 x Bantam (TT) send: ELOP
2 x Bantam (TT) return: ELOP
2 x Bantam (TT) send: FET
2 x Bantam (TT) return: FET
2 x Bantam (TT) link: for connecting 3 Slam! compressors for 5.1 operation
Mic Preamps Selectable 48 V phantom power
Phase Reverse
Gain Mic Preamp: 60 dB max
DI: 43 dB max 
Limiter: 20 dB max
Limiter ELOP Limiter
Ratio: 10:1
Attack time: 10 ms for 6 dB GR
Release time: 2.5 sec for 6 dB GR
FET Limiter
Ratio: 20:1 or better
Attack time: 100 µs for 6 dB GR
Release time: 10 ms to 2 sec for 6 dB GR
Tubes Input
2 x 12AT7A NOS GE
2 x 6414 NOS USA dual triodes
Dynamic Range (Typical) 115 dB
Frequency Response (Audio) Preamp: 5 Hz to 60 kHz
THD & Noise <.05% @ 1 kHz
Maximum Output +32, +30 dBm (into 1 kΩ)
Metering 2 x Large VU meters
1 x VU toggle switch: 0, -3, -6 dB
1 x VU source toggle switch: GR, O/P, and I/P
2 x Multi-color LED ladder peak meters
1 x LED source toggle switch: GR, Peak, and Mode & Reset
Power Power supply: 480 mA @ 120 VAC
Power consumption: 57.6 W
Mains voltage frequency: 60 Hz
Rackmountable 2U
Dimensions (W x H x D) Slam!: 19.0 x 3.5 x 12.0" / 48.3 x 8.9 x 30.5 cm
PSU: 7 x 4 x 5" / 18 x 10 x 13 cm
Weight Not specified by manufacturer



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