Black Lion Audio Revolution 6x6 USB Audio Interface


A Value-packed Interface with Premium Sound


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The Revolution 6x6 leverages Black Lion Audio's extensive modding expertise to give you a high-quality 6-in/6-out USB audio interface at a budget-friendly price. The Revolution 6x6 includes all of Black Lion Audio's most popular interface mods right out of the box, arming you with two channels of premium preamplification, stunning converters, and professional-grade clocking. The Revolution 6x6 is not only a stellar interface, but it also functions marvelously as a master clock or as a standalone DAC and ADC with USB OTG support. Plus, it comes with download codes for PreSonus Studio One Artist and a stellar software plug-in collection from iZotope, Brainworx BX, and Lindell Audio. Get your hands on the Black Lion Audio Revolution 6x6 today, and enjoy top-notch sound at a knockout price!

High-performance analog circuitry

The Black Lion Audio Revolution 6x6 features professional-grade analog circuitry for capturing superior sound at the source. Two exceptional front-panel preamps boast combi inputs for plugging in your favorite microphones, line-level devices, drum machines, and electric guitars and basses, along with phantom power. Featuring fully decoupled inputs and outputs (a feature typically reserved for high-end equipment), Vishay, Nichicon, and Wima capacitors, premium ICs, and noise-reducing PG-i technology, the Revolution 6x6 continues to blow away Sweetwater's recording aficionados with its top-notch sound.

Black Lion Audio's finest clocking and conversion

One of the perennial debates among studio gearheads is whether or not the quality of an interface's converters and clocking makes a difference when it comes to what you hear. The short answer? Yes! Better conversion and clocking mean better sound, and the Revolution 6x6 boasts some of the finest clocking and conversion available at its price point and beyond. Leveraging Black Line Audio's cutting-edge Macro-MMC Clocking technology and bespoke AD/DA conversion, the Revolution 6x6 provides a level of professional studio performance previously unavailable in an interface this portable and affordable.

Includes PreSonus Studio One Artist and Revolution plug-in suite

To get you started creating right out of the box, the Revolution 6x6 includes PreSonus Studio One Artist, a powerful DAW designed for use as a standard recording and mixing platform, and as a creative tool for composition, arrangement, and sound design. Moreover, with your purchase of the Revolution 6x6, you'll get access to an awesome suite of plug-ins from iZotope, Brainworx BX, and Lindell Audio!

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