Black Lion Audio PG-2 Rackmount Power Conditioner, 120v

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Black Lion Audio PG-2 Power Conditioner Features:

  • 14-outlet power conditioner
  • Panasonic and Wima capacitors to filter out performance-robbing high-frequency noise
  • Power absorption rating of 2775 joules safeguards against power spikes and surges
  • 12 switched back-panel outlets and 2 unswitched front-panel convenience outlets
  • Outlets are individually optimized for digital, analog, and high-power devices (4 x each)
  • High-power outlets are time delayed to protect your speakers and power amplifiers
  • 2-stage power up/power down system
  • Useful front-panel LED display and status LED indicators
  • 3-pin XLR lamp connectors (front and rear) for lighting up your rack