Black Lion Audio Eighteen Microphone Preamp & Induction EQ

24.500.000,00 ₫

Black Lion Audio Eighteen Channel Strip Features:

  • Vintage style preamp section with CineMag input and output transformers and custom discrete op-amps
  • CineMag inductor-based 2-band passive EQ lets you boost and cut frequencies simultaneously to add focused heft in the low end and controlled presence at the top
  • Output control for driving the preamp into rich harmonic saturation without signal clipping
  • Additional frequency control with 80HZ highpass and 10kHz lowpass filters
  • Switchable mic/line inputs, polarity flip, and 48V phantom power for condenser mics, active ribbon mics, and mic activators
  • Attractive backlit VU meter on the front panel
  • Internal power supply with AC input and voltage selector
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