Amphenol KS3P 3.5mm Stereo Phone Plug Connector


Đừng quẳng headphone của bạn đi chỉ vì một cái đầu 3.5 mm tệ. Với Amphenol KS3P và một chút thời gian hàn, headphone của bạn sẽ sống lại!

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Amphenol KS3P 3.5mm Stereo Mini Plug Connector Satin

Don't toss out your headphones because of a bad 3.5 mm plug. With the KS3P and a quick soldering session, they'll live again! They're also an ideal solution for making your own 3.5 mm male to male cables, headphone cables, and auxiliary cables for the horde of modern devices with 3.5 mm jacks.

Amphenol Australia has manufactured and designed innovative audio connectors since 1955. The company's K Series 3.5 mm phone plugs show how the company is committed to high-value connectors that perform look as good as they perform.

Specifications: • Shell: diecast • Finish: satin • Dimensions: 0.406" x 1.911".

Product Specifications

  • GenderMale / Plug
  • Mounting TypeCable Mount
  • ConductorsStereo (TRS)

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