Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3 Black


The Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3 is designed with beginners in mind “ delivering an intuitive layout and Pulse Control lights to guide you through your performance.

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The Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3 brings the art of DJing to everyone. From beginners just starting out to seasoned DJs and everyone in between, the WeGO3 has what it takes to get you going right out of the box, without sacrificing features and functions!

Mash-Up Madness
For starters, you can leave those crates of vinyl at home and mix tracks from your Spotify or iTunes account directly from your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad running Algoriddim’s djay 2 app. Or if you prefer, use the included Virtual DJ Limited Edition software to connect up to a PC or Mac. And just so you won’t be locked into any one single software package, the DDJ-WeGO3 is fully compatible with other third-party software packages such as djay 2 for iPad/iPhone, djay for Mac, vjay for iPad, Serato DJ Intro, and TRAKTORPRO 2.

Sound Off
The DDJ-WeGo3 lets you connect directly to amplifiers and PA systems thanks to its integrated 24 bit/48 kHz sound card, so it’s one less thing you have to buy - and one less thing you have to hook up - and one less thing to have worry about. Sweet.

Feel The Pulse 
The Pulse Control lights add a visual element to DJing: they show you when a track has loaded, as well as which effects and filters are engaged. 

Get On The Bus
With its paltry 4 pound frame, this controller is meant to travel and will fit perfectly in your backpack so you can take the party wherever the party takes you. And since it’s also USB bus powered, you don’t have to worry about bringing along an external power supply either. Just yet another thing not to buy – hook up –and worry about. And as an extra added bonus, it charges compatible iOS devices2 with the included Lightning cable. Sweeter.

The DDJ-WeGO3 supports multiple DJ software for increased versatility: 

  • Virtual DJ Limited Edition (Free download, license included)
  • djay for Mac (Free download, license included)
  • Serato DJ Intro (Free download, no license required)
  • TRAKTOR PRO 2 (Available for purchase)
  • djay2 for iPad and iPhone (Available for purchase on the App Store)
  • vjay for iPad and iPhone (Available for purchase on the App Store)



  • Ultra compact and affordable DJ controller
  • Works with multiple DJ software including Virtual DJ, Serato DJ Intro, and djay 2 for iOS devices
  • Charges iPad or iPhone
  • Jog FX and Pulse Control LEDs
  • iPhone and iPad Charging – When connected to a computer, the DDJ-WeGO3 uses power from the USB connections, eliminating the need for an external power supply. If using a connected iPad or iPhone as a source, the DDJ-WeGO3 is powered by the included AC adapter that will also charge the device, ensuring battery power never runs out while in use
  • Jog FX – Allows users to combine multiple effects and control them simultaneously using the JOG wheel
  • Pulse Control – Provides users with visual prompts with a red and blue LED illumination around the JOG platters:
  • Launch Pulse – Triggers a red light on the Jog wheel to signify that music has been loaded successfully.
  • FX Pulse – The effect being applied to the currently playing song will be heard and represented visually via the light movements on the Jog wheel
  • Beat Pulse – The LED lights on the JOG wheel illuminate in different sizes to match the beat and volume intensity
  • Multi-Purpose Slot - The controller features a convenient slot to accommodate an iPad or iPhone, making it easy to see and access displays for choosing songs
  • Built-in audio ports for high quality sound output
  • Built-in sound card



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