TC Powercore X8 Firewire


Improve your studio production instantly with the addition of a PowerCore X8 rackmount processor which features 8 fast DSPs, ample RAM, and 14 built in plug-ins

"Sản phẩm TC Powercore X8 Firewire hiện không còn được sản xuất, hãy lựa chọn các sản phẩm thay thế"

The Powercore X8 from TC Electronic is a FireWire based DSP accelerator and software plug-in bundle that's been designed to give producers the extra processing power they need, and provide them with better sounding tools for computer based audio production (Mac and PC compatible). The performance and sound quality of the included plug-ins achieve a higher caliber because they were written specifically to utilize the hardware, and likewise the hardware was tailor-made to support the custom plug-ins.

The X8 comes with a formidable set of these powerful plug-ins, with everything from effects and dynamics, to instruments and restoration tools. There are dozens of custom Powercore plug-ins that are available separately, and even more are being developed and rolled out in an ongoing basis. Among them you will find offerings from some of the most respected names in the industry, such as Access, Sonnox Oxford, Tube-Tech, and more.

Using these tools in your DAW isn't any different from using native VST and AU plug-ins. The Powercore tools will work seamlessly with your current work flow. What you gain by choosing this system is access to some of the finest sounding tools in the industry, and the ability to run a great number of them without taxing your host computer's CPU.


Experience the full potential of plug-ins with dedicated DSP hardware and software that was written to fully take advantage of the extra processing power
14 High-quality custom plug-ins are included, with the option to add on dozens more
Additional software plug-ins from TC Electronic and 3rd party developers will become available in an ongoing effort to supply Powercore users with more powerful tools
3rd Party instruments, effects, and utilities are available from some of the most respected names in the industry, including Access Virus, Sonnox Oxford, Novation, and Tube-Tech
Dramatically increase the amount of plug-ins you can run without taxing your host computer's CPU
Included Software:

24/7-C The most desired vintage-style compressor/limiter

Character An intuitive tool that enhances the sonic characteristics of the input material that are pleasing to the human auditory system

Chorus-Delay A modulation multi-effect spatial expander with unique sounding choruses, flangers, slap delays, and more

ClassicVerb Produces the same warm and lush reverbs normally associated with expensive hardware units

DeNoise A useful restoration plug-in that can remove tape hiss, static, and environmental noise

Dynamic EQ Dynamically applied equalization that is useful in mixing and mastering

EQSat Incredibly clean sounding EQ suited for mastering, or any work that needs an exact adjustment

Filtroid Analog sounding filter banks with extensive modulation capabilities

MasterX3 A software incarnation of the TC Electronic Finalizer, one of the most popular mastering processors in the industry

MegaReverb Based on the technology found in the M5000 processor, this is high-end reverb at its finest

PowerCore 01 A monophonic synthesizer based on the venerable SH-101 with some added capabilities

PowerCore CL A vintage compressor/limiter that's been optimized so you can run a lot of them, up to 28 instances can be run on one card

Tubifex Tube amplifier and speaker cabinet modeling based on the classic tone of 12AX7 lamps

VoiceStrip A full-featured vocal processing channel strip with compression, de-essing, a specialized vocal EQ, low cut, and gate


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