Samson MS200


The MS200 monitor stands isolate your monitors from desktops, meter bridges, or other surfaces that can resonate, affecting their frequency response.

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The Samson MS200 is a pair of rugged and cost-effective studio monitor stands, adjustable from 30" to 50" via a telescoping column, and accepting speaker loads of up to 40 lbs. The solid metal speaker platform fits most studio monitors, and the heavy triangular base is equipped with carpet spikes. The unit is recommended for use with the Samson Auro 8, Resolv 65, Resolv 65a, Resolv 80a and Rubicon 6a nearfield monitors.

Minimum Height 30"
Maximum Height  50"
Closed Length 30"
Maximum Load 40 lbs
Attachment Size Not Specified by Manufacturer
Accepts Wheels Yes
Weight Not Specified by Manufacturer

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