Behringer MONITOR2USB Monitoring Controller


Take command of your monitoring system with the Behringer MONITOR2USB monitor controller.

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Take command of your monitoring system with the Behringer MONITOR2USB monitor controller. With the MONITOR2USB, you get ultra-clean VCA-controlled volume and source selection, as well as precise headphone and monitor control - right at your fingertips. With connections for three sets of studio monitors and two different stereo sources, plus a USB input for your DAW, this feature-rich monitor controller delivers powerful, custom monitor mixes - all in clear, high-quality sound! At Sweetwater, we understand how important convenient monitor control is to your studio's workflow, and a great monitor controller like the Behringer MONITOR2USB may be the missing link you've been searching for!

Voltage Controlled Amplifiers deliver clean analog sound

Thanks to its use of Voltage Controlled Amplifiers (VCA), the Behringer MONITOR2USB monitor controller provides you with surprisingly clean analog sound, devoid of the pops and crackles that often occur with an audio-taper volume control. Also, its channels remain proportionately accurate to their input levels, and excellent channel separation is maintained because there is no audio signal present at the volume control. On top of that, you get reliable, ultra-precise and repeatable level settings.

More monitor options equals better mixes

Your mixes have to sound great everywhere - not just in your studio, but also in living rooms, cars, iPods, elevators - everywhere! The best way to ensure that your mixes translate is to audition them on multiple speaker systems. The Behringer MONITOR2USB monitor controller allows you to switch between up two pairs of studio monitors, listen through vintage-style small monitors, or add a subwoofer - at the mere press of a button.

Enough I/O to hold your studio together

The Behringer MONITOR2USB monitor controller has enough I/O to handle just about anything you throw at it. In addition to its outputs for studio monitors, you also get a pair of balanced XLR jacks for connecting your mixer's output, and a second pair of XLR jacks (with a +4dBu/-10dBV switch) for connecting line-level devices, such as media players. On top of that, you can connect directly to your computer via USB to monitor your DAW, or play back other computer-based music files, such as backing tracks, mp3s, etc. On top of that, you also get two high-grade headphone amplifiers with separate volume controls!

Behringer MONITOR2USB Monitor Controller Features:

  • Large volume knob with true VCA control for extremely precise level adjustments
  • Built-in stereo USB audio interface, perfect for computer-based studios
  • 3 independent monitor outputs to connect up to 3 sets of studio monitors
  • 2 stereo inputs plus additional monitor mix input for your DAW
  • 2 high-grade headphone amplifiers with separate volume controls
  • Panorama control emulates the stereo speaker panorama when listening through your headphones
  • Convenient mono and dim functions right at your fingertips

Tech Specs

Computer Connectivity 1 x USB Type B
Form Factor Desktop
Simultaneous I/O 2 x 2
Analog Inputs 4 x XLR (dual stereo paired inputs)
Analog Outputs 4 x XLR (dual stereo paired outs), 1 x XLR (mono out), 2 x 1/4" (headphones)
Depth 7.8"
Width 8.5"
Height 3.3"
Weight 3.3 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number MONITOR2USB

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