Antelope Audio Satori Analog Monitoring & Summing System


The Antelope Audio Satori Monitoring Controller is a digitally-controlled true analog monitoring and summing system designed for today’s studios.

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The Antelope Satori is an analog monitoring and summing solution that features relay-controlled stepped attenuation for recalling analog settings, versatile connectivity options, and mastering-grade features such as mid-side monitoring. The piece features eight stereo inputs and four stereo outputs, and is equally suited to both commercial and project studios.

Satori's 0.05 dB platinum relays are designed to provide accurate volume control and L/R balance, even at the lowest listening levels. Its four independent headphone outputs allow individual source selection and volume control, enabling separate feeds for musicians or vocalists. The headphone drivers on Satori employ the same audiophile-grade circuitry found in Antelope's line of premium home audio products, and are able to drive both low and high impedance loads.

Satori offers a plethora of functionality such as talkback and level trims, as well as mute, mono, dim and mid-side. Gain offset is available for any input and output, making A/B testing extremely easy and efficient. In addition to providing monitoring capabilities, Satori includes a fully analog 8-channel summing mixer, allowing engineers who work completely "in-the-box" to mix signals in the analog domain for a more natural blending of instruments.

Flexible Input/Output Options
Eight stereo inputs, four stereo outputs, and a range of connectivity options including XLR, 1/4" TRS and D-Sub 25 in a 1U unit. In addition to four stereo speaker outputs, Satori features a dedicated subwoofer output
Front Panel
Satori's delicately machined aluminum volume knob and large LED front panel push buttons allow easy access to the most commonly used monitoring functions such as input and monitor selectors, gain adjustment and level trimming
Remote Control
The unit ships a software application (Mac and PC) enabling flexible and accurate control. The software control panel allows fast and responsive source and speaker switching, accurate volume control, stereo effects selection, headphone controls and user-recallable presets. Analog summing is fully controllable via the software application


Inputs Analog 1 on XLR


Analog 2 – 4 on 1/4” TRS

Analog 5 – 8 on D-Sub 

Talkback Mic on 1/4” TRS

USB (for remote control) on USB type B

* Nominal Analog Input level – 20 dBu (input trim on each input of +6 dB to -6 dB)


Outputs Monitor 1 on XLR


Monitor 2 – 4 on 1/4” TRS

Summer Output on 1/4” TRS

LFE on 1/4”

Headphones 1 – 2 (Front Panel) on 1/4” TRS

Headphones 3 – 4 (Back Panel) on 1/4” TRS  

* Nominal Analog Output level – 20 dBu (Input Trim on each input of +6 dB to -6 dB)




Packaging Info
Package Weight 10.5 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 25.3 x 13.6 x 4.6"



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