Antelope Audio Eclipse 384 Stereo AD/DA Converter


Antelope Audio Eclipse 384 Stereo AD/DA Converter is a mixing and mastering converter that will boosts your sound quality, while maximizing your productivity

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The Antelope Eclipse 384 A-D/D-A converter will boost your sound quality, while maximizing your productivity. Inside the Eclipse 384's jewel-like - yet roadworthy - chassis, you get 384kHz converters clocked by separate 64-bit DSP Trinity-level clocks. You also get a flexible monitoring system that employs 0.05dB accurate gold-plated relay attenuators and provides speaker switching, bass management and cue mix functionality with integral talkback. If you're a mastering or mixing engineer who demands the best, you should check out the Antelope Eclipse 384 A-D/D-A converter.

Supreme audio quality and boosted efficiency

The Eclipse 384's unique dual-domain clocking system facilitates natural-sounding analog-based sample rate conversion. The 384's integral patching and routing capabilities make monitoring of both analog and digital sources dead-simple, and enable you to sidestep distortion, jitter, and cable noise. By jettisoning a slew of input/output stages and the power supplies of various separate devices, your noise floor can be radically lowered and your audio quality considerably enhanced.

Ideal for live applications as well as the studio

The Antelope Eclipse 384 A-D/D-A converter is invaluable in live situations as well as the studio. With master clocks becoming de rigueur for use with digital consoles and recording gear at live shows, the Eclipse 384 can be a lifesaver. You can generate sync reference for up to four different devices, while using the main D/A for backing tracks, the A/D with multiple digital outputs feeding redundant recording devices, and monitor DAC to check the recording after digital conversion.

The finest components and build quality

The Antelope Eclipse 384 A-D/D-A converter employs only the finest components. With 64-bit DSP Trinity-level clocking, 0.05dB accurate gold-plated relay attenuators, and a Burr-Brown D/A conversion chip, the Eclipse 384 is loaded for bear. With top-drawer componentry, innovational design, and jaw-dropping performance, this is a component that will find itself in many a world-class studio - perhaps yours!

Antelope Eclipse 384 A-D/D-A Converter Features:

  • 64-bit DSP Trinity-quality clocking
  • Oven-controlled oscillator
  • Factory calibrated to better than +/- 0.001 ppm stability
  • Two independent sample rates
  • Varispeed capability of +/- 200 cents
  • 10M atomic clock input
  • 384 kHz A/D & D/A converters
  • A/D Dynamic Range of 124dB; D/A Dynamic Range of 129dB
  • Burr-Brown D/A conversion chip
  • Two bypassable A/D inserts
  • Custom USB 2.0 chip streaming up to 480 Mbits
  • Three sets of switchable monitor outs
  • Second dedicated monitor D/A
  • Bass management with LFE output
  • Precise input and output peak meters
  • Talkback and cue mix functions
  • Relay volume attenuator matched to 0.05 dB

Upgrade your studio with the Antelope Eclipse 384 A-D/D-A converter!


Tech Specs

Channels 2
A to D Yes
D to A Yes
Sample Rate Selectable up to 384kHz
Bit Depth 64-bit
Analog Inputs 3 x Combo XLR/TRS, 2 x TRS A/D inserts, 1 x TRS (Talkback), 1 x TRS (Footswitch)
Analog Outputs 2 x XLR (D-A converter), 3 x monitors (1 x XLR, 2 x TRS), 1 x XLR (LFE), 2 x TRS (Cue) 2 x TRS (Headphones)
Digital Inputs 3 x AES/EBU, 2 x S/PDIF, 2 x TOSLINK
Digital Outputs 2 x AES/EBU (A/D converter), 2 x de-jittered AES/EBU, 1 x de-jittered S/PDIF, 1 x de-jittered TOSLINK
Clock Inputs 1 x 10M Atomic Clock, 1 x Word Clock
Clock Outputs 4 x Word Clock
USB 1 x Type B
Rack Spaces 2U
Height 3.5"
Depth 8"
Width 19"
Weight 17 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number Eclipse384



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